SFC: Vague-ish Updates

The Short Fiction Challenge is going well! C. Solet has just published her fourth novel of May. By my calculations, that would be one per week and qualify as a success.


I managed to update an old story this week as well. It had been throwing errors essentially since I uploaded it four years ago. What’s the Worst That Could Happen? is probably not a great novel. However, it’s got dashing formatting, if I do say so myself. So if you want to see what I was like four years ago as a writer, I direct you to your favorite ebook retailer (as long as that retailer is Smashwords or Amazon) to take a sample peek.

*more confetti*

C. Solet, for those who are looking for links, is getting her own website and catalog. She’s in the process of pulling together all the links and things, and I hope to be able to link to it in the first half of June. It’s a busy time around here, that is for certain!

*starts to clean up confetti*

Now that I’ve done this Thursday SFC update, I must resume the writing. 1,000 more words tonight will qualify as a success, and then bedtime at 10:00 p.m. is critical, as I am absolutely exhausted. I need more sleep. Just an hour tonight should do wonders for how my tomorrow will go.

Even my eyeballs hurt, man…

Words for May 16-22

Well, I do so enjoy this post. I’m probably getting more out of it than anyone else, but maybe it’s helpful, too. We’ll see. I don’t get much traffic. That would probably chance if I had more folks swing through the blog.

ANYway! On to this week’s magical numbers of awesomeness.

OtBP: 1,233

IVEYbooks: 310

Challenge Words: 13,354

Weekly Total Words: 14,897
Difference from Last Week: -12%

Week Rank: 2 of 21

Average Weekly Word Count: 6,039
Difference in the Average from Last Week: +8%

Days of Writing: 117 of 143

Grand Total: 126,810

Well, the average weekly word count is going steadily upwards since the start of May and my personal Short Fiction Challenge, so that’s nice to see. And I handled a full seven days of writing, with only one sad day of 108 words which was just blurb writing.

On Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday I published the stories I have finished so far this month, and today I have another to do. You’ll notice I haven’t posted the links yet to the stories. I believe I will get to that, but there’s a possibility I’ll start a third website (because I don’t have enough writing to do as it is?!) just for C. Solet and her works. I am very clearly still working out a few things in my head, but I don’t want to dally too long. It will be important for me to get habits set early so I can make the most of the summer. It will either be here (as IVEYbooks is listed as the publisher) or on another domain (which I will likely link to). I’ll make that announcement when I have a decision.

So this week will be pretty busy with family things, so I’ll have to work hard to keep up on words. I know every week can’t be a blockbuster week, but 14K/week is a reasonable habit.

I’m off!

SFC: Pushing the Publish Immediately button


You may have realized by now that I’m a derp. Perhaps the A to Z Challenge tipped you off.

I pushed the button that put a short story up for sale by C. Solet, something I believe we are both quite proud of.

So the short fiction challenge goes well. I finished another short story, and now that I’ve got one published, hopefully, the two in arrears can be brought up to snuff. And then progressing as usual.

The panicking and excitement will pass, I’m sure. Soon.

I’ll add links as I have them, so anyone interested might be able to purchase.


Words for May 9-15

This is the kind of week I want to have all the time. This is my desired “norm”. To be in a place where writing is my only gig, I need this all the time, and double in November.

OtBP: 706

IVEYbooks: 738

Challenge Words: 15,407

Weekly Total Words: 16,851
Difference from Last Week: +26%

Week Rank: 1 of 20

Average Weekly Word Count: 5,596
Difference in the Average from Last Week: +12%

Days of Writing: 110 of 136

Grand Total: 111,903

I crossed into six digits of words written this year! It’s probably important to note that not all of those words lived to see the end product, but I wrote them. I made my brain tell my fingers to spit out all that awesomeness, and so I’m going to be proud of them, even if they ultimately didn’t fit or were discovered to have sucked donkey balls.

I am excited to be able to format three of the things I’ve written for my Short Fiction Challenge this week. I also very much hope to actually get them published, but it’s a very busy week with family things. I will forgive myself if that doesn’t happen by Thursday.

As it is so incredibly busy, I’m cutting a lot of things short. Goodbye!

The 27th Letter: an A to Z Blog Challenge

COVER - The 27th Letter (front)So this is a little late! Amazon shows me that I published this paperback in June of 2014, and somehow I neglected to post it.

Of course, as it had been two years previous to that point that I had last used the Catalog here, so yes. I am quite a bit behind.

Once upon a time, there was a woman who got her personality from a bottle. No, wait, there was a girl who could draw her dreams come true. Um…a rebellious daughter rode her horse through the house. A backpack ate someone’s keys? Vampires. Zombies! Rocks that float? Argh!

In April 2012 Nicki Ivey participated in a challenge, writing 26 stories in 30 days. Weddings, daughters, mazes, and roommates. Fantasy, horror, adventure, and happy endings. You’ll find a little bit of everything in this collection of 27 short stories.

Ha! I did a good job two years ago for a collection of stories written two years before that. Well, currently it’s only in paperback format, but I on my task list is to get it up for e-book purchase. Soon, my friends. Soon.

Amazon only at this point. I’ll update with the ebook links when I have them!

SFC: Um… (Spending the Night)

So! I wanted to post short stories here for people (for your benefit, and to keep me accountable). Then last week I wrote a short story and posted it, and it quickly went from innocent romance to erotic romance, and I finished the entire thing on Sunday with 9,945 words (pretty sure I mentioned that already).

Today I have finished another story!

It’s erotica again. I can’t post it here. Or I won’t post it here, rather, not even a short portion, unfortunately. It’s rather thick with adult material.

Not a horribly long story, though, at 3,899 words. Now that I have two short stories under the belt, I really need to do that magic word I said I was going to do once a week.


It’s a skill I need to practice, and I’m sure the first couple of times it will take longer than usual. I need to learn about keywords, blurbs, there are videos I need to watch…

So much learning. I’m so excited!

But anyway, this is my “I wrote a thing!” post, but I can’t show you the thing. When I have links I will post them, and if I can figure out coupon codes, perhaps I will deliver those to people who are interested.

Erotic romance. See the order of the words? Yeah. So leave a comment if you’re interested in reading, and I’ll see what I can sort out!

Words for May 2-8

Awww yeah, I killed the words this week. I am so happy I could squeal. (I have already, in fact, done so.) I will try to make this one of my only bragging posts about how many words I wrote last week, so it doesn’t annoy absolutely everyone.

Then again, I’m pretty proud. Maybe not. We’ll see. Continue reading “Words for May 2-8”

SFC: Dreaming

This is a day late! My first entry for my personal Short Fiction Challenge (SFC) is late because I severely underestimated the amount of time it was going to take me to make creative words I didn’t loathe.

Well, it’s called practice for a reason. I’ll get it wrangled out as things move on.

So a bit about this: it’s not the complete story that I’m tossing up. It started as family-friendly romance, then quickly leapt out of that realm. I’m not certain how comfortable I am posting intimate encounters online without a filter for youth, so I believe I will be finishing this up, then posting it on SmashWords and Amazon under the appropriate categories. At that point, I think I will be a bit more comfortable.

Also, I never intended to get stories up for sale the same day I put them here. So it’ll be a couple days, and I hope by Monday’s Word Counting post I’ll have sale links up on the catalog page, along with The 27th Letter. (Not at all sure how I managed to not get that one up.)

Well, if you’re interested in reading a little romance and sinking into the head of my heroine, read on! Continue reading “SFC: Dreaming”

Words for Apr 25-May 1

I’ve adopted some new organizational tactics (as I mentioned yesterday), but my Word Counting Excel file still is my favorite thing. All the automatic totalling, and averaging, and ranking, it’s just glorious. Without it, I would be a much less geeky writer.

Precision, man. It’s all about precision.

OtBP: 440

IVEYbooks: 876

Dragon Words: 1,120

A-Z Fiction: 299

Challenge Words: 1,108

Weekly Total Words: 3,843

Difference from Last Week: +23%

Week Rank: 10 of 18

Days of Writing: 98 of 122

Grand Total: 81,648

I purposely wrote about seventy extra words last night so this week would be ranked number 10 and not number 11. I didn’t have time to squeeze in more, as I’m trying to stick to an 11 p.m. bedtime. I don’t know if I’ll ever throw that out to get the words done, or if I’ll just keep the bedtime and accept that there are only so many hours in a day. We’ll see how this week goes, and if I can get to next Sunday without ever feeling like if I don’t keep moving I’ll fall asleep instantly, I’ll let my bedtime be a bit looser.

Until Thursday, my friends! I’ve got 5,000 words to write!

Things in store for May!

Okay, I only chose that title for this post because I had said over on OtBP yesterday that I was only going to do double titles for a little while longer but then didn’t do it. Oops!

It’s May! I have so many things going on in May.


I have set up some social media stuff for here. See there in the sidebar? Isn’t it pretty?


I will be working from and doing a couple challenges in my (brand new) Bullet Journal this month! This is exciting. Today, I did this:

I very clearly wasn’t paying attention. Other than that, yeah. Don’t know.

So there’s that.

Short Fiction Challenge

From my /now page:

I will be writing short fiction from 5,000 words up. It will be available to read on the blog, and then for sale. The goal is to practice the following: writing fiction, blurbs, cover art, and putting things up for sale. Also to work out any kinks there might be in my system, and oh, create a system.

Ah, all the words! The idea really is to practice. I’ll shove things at my writing group on Tuesdays, I’ll fix things that need fixing, and put them up – good, bad, or really, really ugly- on Thursdays.

This is going to go on for six months, until NaNoWriMo.

And I’m still going to try to finish/publish the Dragon Words in that time.

What am I doing screwing around online?! I need to get cracking!