An interesting note in my general absence


My general blogging which is frequently unrelated to writing has picked up, and I made a point to go back through my Word Tracking Excel file and add all the words I’d written on Off the Beaten Plan (OtBP). While my words haven’t been anything near spectacular, I will be able to say, at the end of the year, while I haven’t written every day at the least I have written every week. It hasn’t all been fiction, but my fingers like to type the words, and they’ve been able to type the words.

I’ve also managed to blog the last five days in a row which is a lovely mood brightener, and now I get to add these hundred or so words to the list as well. All in all, it’s a very good deal, and I am happy.

Word Counting – back in August


Good evening! I’ve taken a couple weeks to lose my mind pull myself together, and Word Counting posts will be back in August, starting with the first week of August – so there will be a post on the 8th for the 1st-7th.

The summer routine change knocked me on my ass. I knew it was coming – someone told me it was coming – and it still threw me for a loop. Well, I’m just going to take it easy for another few days, guilt free, then get back to it.

I’ve been keeping track of words this whole time, so I will have a bit of a gap between Days Written and Total Words from when I wasn’t reporting. Not a large gap, though. I did mention I left my head somewhere, right?

Wish me luck!

What’s happened here?

A Mirror

I’ve been avoiding writing.

Okay, now it’s out there.

The truth.

Every day I look at my planner and see those three magic letters staring back at me. SFC. Every night I push them away to the next day, sure that that will be the day when I catch up; when I find my wind again.

Here’s more of the truth:

I am the wind I’m looking for,
and I’m just not blowing hard enough.

Pfft. Well, anyway. There’s my mental drama for today.

Just so you’re updated.


Words for June 27-July 3

Beaded lamp

I’m very glad that we’ve met the midpoint of the year! This word counting experience has been absolutely splendid, and I look forward to another six months of it. This has likely been by far my best year of writing ever, and while it hasn’t always been steady, it’s virtual marathon in the right direction.

OtBP: 207

IVEYbooks: 124

Challenge Words: 833

Weekly Total Words: 1,164
Difference from Last Week: -2%

Week Rank: 25 of 27

Average Weekly Word Count: 5,908
Difference in the Average from Last Week: -3%

Days of Writing: 150 of 185

Grand Total: 159,804

Words for June 20-26

Lovely stained glass

More words were written and a story was finished. I believe June is a result of an absolute revolt of my morning schedule, and I’m finding it difficult to let go of what I developed and grew attached to in May. Well, words were still written. Let’s share this:

OtBP: 265

IVEYbooks: 401

Challenge Words: 527

Weekly Total Words: 1,193
Difference from Last Week: -57%

Week Rank: 24 of 26

Average Weekly Word Count: 6,090
Difference in the Average from Last Week: -3%

Days of Writing: 147 of 178

Grand Total: 158,351

I’m rather surprised in the difference from last week number. Even though I see that I’ve had two worse weeks in terms of number of words written, it just feels shocking.

On to another week, and hopefully another story before the end of June!

SFC: Right on track!


So in May I wrote seven short stories, and so far in June I’ve written one. That is an average of one per week, and I am learning a lot with my practice.

What I have learned

  1. I love routine. I love routine so much that when my routine changes, I am likely to get completely derailed. This should not be a surprise because I see it very clearly in family members around me, and since they’re family, we have some similarities. Natch.
  2. I can write a lot in a short amount of time! I can also find ways to procrastinate with enthusiasm. One of these is good, and one is not so much.
  3. I like having a system. No, wait: I need a system. I think I have a working one sorted out, so I’m going to implement it and see where it needs tweaks.
  4. I learned an awful lot of really good stuff from a selling course, like “Your nonconscious can’t take a joke”, and “What you focus on expands”. If I’m focused on how horrible I am for not writing, I don’t write. Duh. (Yes, I’m back to focusing on how awesome I am at writing, thanks for asking.)
  5. The more I have to do, the more I get done. This is so stupid, but it does mean I get to pad my list with silly things from time to time. (What actually ends up happening, in fact, is that there are productive things that sneak onto my list when I’m not looking. Pesky productive things.)
  6. I’m doing this for me, and my failures are not invalidating anything. It matters that I’m having fun, and it matters that I enjoy what I’m writing. The rest matters significantly less.

So I think I’m doing very well with my project. I think I’m going to charge forward into July feeling good about myself, and I think I’m very excited to see where I will be when it’s over in October.

Thanks for stopping by!

Words for June 13-19

Lincoln Way and Madison

I wrote words! They were good words, and I worked hard for them. I will write more words this week!

OtBP: 497

IVEYbooks: 329

Challenge Words: 1,935

Weekly Total Words: 2,761
Difference from Last Week: -16%

Week Rank: 21 of 25

Average Weekly Word Count: 6,286
Difference in the Average from Last Week: -2%

Days of Writing: 142 of 171

Grand Total: 157,158

I do this every week. Come back to see how many I get next week!

SFC: Jammed

There's no reason for this snow to be here

Poor updates need to come along next to the excellent ones. It’s not been a great week for writing. Part of that was a scheduled road trip, but most of it is just having gotten stuck.

I’m not blocked, exactly. I’m not certain what my problem is. I mean, aside from not getting a story finished in the last week. Ten days, actually.

It’s disappointing and frustrating, and a bunch of other negative words.

Once again, I’m not giving up. But I’m also not sure how I’m going to make myself catch up. I’m juggling my morning schedule around to see whether eliminating certain things helps, or doing other things at different times, but so far I’ve yet to land on that lucky combination.

There are still other things to try. I’ll manage it. I have a bit of catching up to do, though.

Well, this happened.

Gorgeous patterns

So, C. Solet has been interviewed as a debut author over on Operation Awesome! This is exciting, especially because dedicated readers who consume the entire interview have the opportunity to retrieve a coupon to read Friends and Lovers for the delightful price of free.

It’s a nice interview. J. Lenni Dorner did a lovely job putting it together, and it’s a good way to learn a bit more about C. than her bio puts out there.

Take a gander, if you’re so inclined. You can also follow C. on Twitter and find all of her books on .

And that is all!

Words for June 6-12

The end is near! Or, your luggage is going to come...eventually.

I knew words would be tough this week, but it doesn’t make it any easier to handle to see low four digits instead of five. I’m going to use that as motivation for this upcoming week and was even able to use it a bit last night.

Just write the next sentence, don’t delete anything, and make it work. I know I can. There’s nothing wrong with my writing skills. Not sure if that sounds boastful or not, but I can afford to be confident. Seriously, nothing I write is Pulitzer-prize worthy, but I can string words together and make a fine story. I do better than some, and no worse than a lot. And I’m a hard worker.

The past week involved a 24-hour day (har-har, they’re all 24 hours) that I was awake for at least 23 of (so sorry to the driver I conked out on). I made it home just exactly at the time I usually wake at. So the weekend was off-schedule for me, which only makes things more difficult.

I do like my schedule.

But I’ll hop back on the horse today. Wake at 5 a.m., sleep at 10:30 or 11 p.m. Day job involves doing one task the best I can, then moving straight on to the next task. (Tasks are easier when you look at one at a time instead of all of them at once, I find.)

Enough dilly-dallying. Here are this week’s results:

OtBP: 758

IVEYbooks: 220

Challenge Words: 2,086

Weekly Total Words: 3,302
Difference from Last Week: -70%

Week Rank: 17 of 24

Average Weekly Word Count: 6,433
Difference in the Average from Last Week: +2%

Days of Writing: 137 of 164

Grand Total: 154,966

And for what it’s worth, already today I’ve managed another 569 words toward the completion of the story I’m working on. The story I really, really need to finish today for my personal sanity. And another would be lovely if I could manage it, before the end of the week.

Wish me luck!