Words for April 18-24

I survived the week, and my second biggest disappointment is the fact that I still missed a day of writing. Friday, what the heck, man? I did better than the previous week, and improvement is good.

Still, I want more.

OtBP: 431

IVEYbooks: 1,174

Dragon Words: 1,032

A-Z Fiction: 493

Weekly Total Words: 3,130

Difference from Last Week: +11%

Week Rank: 11 of 17

Days of Writing: 94 of 115

Grand Total: 78,072

Yes, so that’s about it. Words, see all the pretty words. Had I been writing fiction this whole time, I’d have enough words for a novel. As it is, I have a little less than 30,000 words in a novel about Dragons, and probably another 30,000 to go before the story is finished.

Thanks to everyone who managed to squeeze in condolences despite my turning off comments on Tuesday. I greatly appreciate the thoughts. We’re starting to talk about new pet(s), likely a kitten or two, and while Dot’s death still hits me hard from time to time, I’m healing. Everyone is.