Words for Feb 1-7

Not a bad week for words, although I wasn’t able to get anything new up here. That’s disappointing, but I’ll try to do better this week.

All told, I wrote 7,112 words, a 2% increase over the previous week. I blogged more, with 1,306 over at OtBP, and 256 here. Most of the writing, though was split between dragons and sex. My brain ran two different directions, charging around while I was away from the keyboard. But then it would pull a disappearing act when I sat down. I did get 1,760 dragon words and 3,787 erotica words, but I need to find a bit more self-discipline to get them finished.

I’m not disappointed by my numbers, but they need to be higher. I looked back at last week’s post and see I wanted 10,000 words of fiction, and I failed in that department. It’s not even an unreasonable number, as I have proven every November since 2003. Keeping the goal front-of-mind will be the most important bit, and so I’m off to find ways to remind myself to get it done this week.

Wish me luck!

Words for Jan 25-31

Oh, the words were good this week. Also, on a side note, the tracking was good. All the numbers all nicely lined up for me to review. It’s bliss, it really is.

Dragons took me off on a tangent this week. I got them in my head and I gave them 3,779 words all on their own. And since they’re still in my head, I’m going to give them some more attention. It might turn into more than just a short story. I’m thinking novella or longer by the time I’m done. So that was excellent fun.

My OtBP blog got 821 words this week, but this one only got 394. I skipped a fiction post because of the completely awesome news I was able to put out on Thursday.

Fiction brought in 5,511 words, and this is due to the dragons and I think to perhaps a flash fiction challenge? Or maybe I just was in the mood. I definitely was feeling guilty about my downward slide in word count. But with a grand total of 6,726 words this week, I’ve increased my writing 78% from the previous week. I don’t need to feel guilty any more. :)

This next week I’d like to see 10,000 words in fiction. I’m not so concerned with blogging. That seems to be chugging along nicely. I don’t see myself as a long essayist right now as some other authors can be. While I greatly enjoy reading their posts, I would like to take some time to get the fiction habit firmly established.

See you next week with higher numbers!

Excitement abounds

I wrote a thing! (Which I do quite often, and is not in itself remarkable.)

I wrote a thing and entered it in a contest! (Which I do significantly less often. This is unusual, and remarkable. I do intend on making it a habit, however.)

I wrote a thing, entered it in a contest, and it got shortlisted! (Being “shortlisted” is being in the running to win.)

It’s online, and not here! You can read Tock over on Mash Stories (where you can also read other stories in the running to win).

Aha! See, now you understand!

I’m so very excited. This is so new. I like it. I like it very much. (They even left in my swear words!) SQUEEE!

If you like the story there, you can click the Kudos button at the top. If you like it a lot (or other strong emotions you’d like to share), you can leave a comment. Many, many things to my writing friends who were able to review this and comment on it before I submitted it.


A to Z – An April Blog Challenge

A2Z-BADGE_[2016]If you follow my personal blog, you may have noticed that I publically committed to doing the A to Z Blogging Challenge (hereafter referred to affectionately as ‘A to Z’). I’ve done this before, and I’ve published the stories that resulted from it. I enjoyed the process the first time, and I’ve tried twice more since then. One year I didn’t do well at all, and another I made it to “G” before falling off the bandwagon.

This year I’m giving it another shot, and beyond that, I’m doing it twice. I don’t plan on writing fiction for both blogs – that would be excessive, I think, even for me. Although I also can’t rule it out. I had only planned on one blog for this year. Something (or someone) asked, “Why not?” and I thought, well, yeah. Why not? There’s plenty of time between now and April. While I had intended to finish up another project first, it doesn’t have to be the only project on my plate.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in learning about the last time I pulled this off, I currently have The 27th Letter (the result of my first challenge) for sale on Amazon in paperback (referral link), and hope to have it in ebook format before the end of February.

Words for Jan 18-24

It seems odd that in a period that spans seven days, both the start and end date are even (or odd) numbers. I had to look at a calendar to double check that I had the right dates.

I do.

So this past week’s grand total of words was 3,784. It’s not, as I had hoped, an improvement over last week’s total of 4,210 – not by 427 words. A 10% decrease in words. (Note: have I mentioned I love equations in Excel? Excel is my friend!)

However! I blogged every day but the day I went to bed early due to illness, and I wrote fiction 4 out of 7 days. That’s a win if I ever saw one.

More specifically, I added 1,690 words to OtBP (increase over last week!); 265 words here (slightly less than last time); and 1,829 words to fiction (a slight decrease, but more pieces written).

All in all, I feel positive about last week, and I feel positive about this upcoming week. There’s a small announcement tomorrow that has a preview in the sidebar, and hopefully a slightly larger announcement later in the week. We’ll see, and you’ll know when I know.

I’ve got Michael Jackson’s Thriller on Pandora, and it’s begging me to write a short something or other. I’m going to save the tossing of fiction for whatever Chuck Wendig’s challenge is this week because that’s been fun.

A Cold Opportunity Without the Kingdom

Aha! I snuck another Flash Friday challenge in from Chuck Wendig. It was fun to write, although I had no idea where it was going to go. To be honest, I feel more and more like I’m just destined to be a pantser. I try to plan, but it’s very difficult. I suppose time will tell how I’m meant to novel, but for now, just remember I pantsed this all the way. Also, a cursory Grammarly check was the only editing accomplished. Continue reading “A Cold Opportunity Without the Kingdom”

Words for Jan 11-17

This week was much better for fiction, but down overall regarding writing. I logged 4,210 words total but missed writing on two days entirely. No fiction, no blogging, nothing. That wasn’t exactly how I wanted my week to go. I don’t even have a good excuse – both writing-free days were ordinary days without events or other things going on.

I will do better next week.

I did a writing challenge this past week that pulled up my fiction numbers to  2,172 (over 1,396 the week before).

Off the Beaten Plan got 1,101 words (last week killed it at 2,741).

IVEYbooks got 299 (over 186 from last week).

I want to find a better way to log this next week. I could probably bring in my spreadsheet, or maybe I’ll make a chart. Either way, this should have appeared yesterday.


Although now that we’re talking about numbers, let me leave you with this adorable chart that shows just how much I did not post in the past year, and how much I have posted this January. It looks like I’m still making two posts per week, which makes for a good January. :)

Words for Jan 4-10

Another seven days of writing! I wrote on six of the past seven days, and precious few were of fiction. That is most likely a result of me trying to write while the television is running.

I know better.

For the week, I logged 4,323 words. I had previously reported just under 5,000, but that was me derping my numbers. 709 words were for Grimm Twists, 687 were short stories (494 of which I submitted for a contest).

Blogging was my most productive writing this week. This blog got 186 words, but Off the Beaten Plan got 2,741.

I follow more than one other author’s blog, and this past week one of them mentioned that they had written 12,000 words towards their new book. Seeing this did a couple of things for me. One, it gave me a goal. If someone else can do it, surely I can, too! I will use this full-time writer’s achievement to spur my own. However since writing for me is not my full-time job, I will cut myself a little slack.

Just a little.

The other thing this full-time writer has: a contract. Ten years of contracts, from what I understand. And I thought to myself, “Self, you are running IVEYbooks like a publishing company. Why not write yourself a contract for the books you want to write this year?” This folds directly into a book I just read, Write It Down, Make It Happen: Knowing What You Want And Getting It. There’s more about it on OtBP (probably). So this week, in addition to more fiction writing, I’ll also be writing a couple of contracts. Four, I think. I’ll update as I make progress with those.