Okay, okay – right now it’s just me. But someday I hope to convince my father that it’s time to publish some of the novels he’s written for National Novel Writing Month, and my son that it’s time to write his own Diary of an Ivey Kid, and then I’ll have other Ivey Books to publish. (Get it? Heh.)

There will be blog posts for all stories that I get up for sale, and you can find them all here.

About this author:

Nicki Ivey lives in Eastern Pennsylvania. She has an Associate’s Degree in Computer Programming and currently is an integral part of the Marketing Department for a major real estate company. She is and has been an avid participant in National Novel Writing Month since 2003, has a strong writing voice, and enjoys writing novels and short stories as well as educational essays. You can read her personal blog at, where everything goes, and nothing is too trivial to write about. You may contact Nicki at, and she will probably reply on her favorite electronic toy, Pigeon Chaser.