I’m Awake Already

Awake is the newest short story in the What I.F.? series Niina Ivy is working on. I promised I wasn’t going to spell this out because I thought maybe it was so obvious as to be silly, but now I can’t help myself.

These stories so far have been about denial – What Imaginary Friends? And curiosity – What if Imaginary Friends are real? And friendship – What if I don’t help my friend when he’s in need?

Did you have an imaginary friend as a child? What form did it take, and when did you outgrow it? Or did you outgrow it at all?

Tess has to make a choice. She can either deal with the fact that her imaginary friend from childhood, Buddy, is something real that most of the world doesn’t understand, or she can let herself deny a friendship. But why can’t she just accept it? Her best friend from childhood is back in her life. And he’s brought friends, and he needs her help. With a bunch of imaginary friends that have the potential to go insane and start messing with people’s heads – or worse – who needs enemies?

You can find Awake for sale formatted for your favorite e-book device at one of these fabulous retailers! Amazon.com (U.K. – De – Fr – It – Es), Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. Check it out – I hope you’ll enjoy it!

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