Seal of Approval

As I make my way through 8-hour work days and evenings spent writing (and sometimes, avoiding writing), I find time for some of my other hobbies. Like the evening I spent an hour creating a logo, or a seal, for myself.

I actually got the idea from a logo designer. I’ve been pondering the idea of somehow combining a¬†hippopotamus¬†into my logo, but I don’t have the skills for such an animal. I might someday, but I do also like really simple stuff, like this.

Which is how I got inspired for the sticker you see to your left.

Niina has her own logo as well, and I’m rather proud of it. As I write more (and thus design more covers), I feel these logos will be best presented on any paperbacks I create. So you might not see these logos in use on my covers for a while, but you will see them eventually.

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