My First Book!

What's the Worst That Could Happen?Updated 5/26/16: I’ve reformatted the book and updated it as a 2nd edition where it is for sale. Since I know at least one person bought it, perhaps you’d like to update your copy?

Well, as you can imagine I’m a little excited about this. A lot excited would even be fair.

I’ve published my first ebook!

Excitement = Understatement

So would you like to know more about it? (I know you do!

Pixie Monroe does not resemble her name. She is not short, svelte, or adorned with the appropriate haircut. Pixie is instead accident prone, and desperate to love and be loved by a family that does not return her affections. When her father suggests she takes a vacation so she won’t be in attendance at her only sister’s wedding, she reluctantly departs Chicago, the only home she’s ever known, for San Francisco, where new accidents and discoveries await. Break a leg, Pixie! Or maybe even an arm…

It’s currently available for purchase on the following sites: (U.K. – De – Fr – It – Es), Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. Check it out – I hope you’ll really enjoy it!