The 27th Letter project

Right now, I have a couple of projects under construction, but the one most likely to be finished first is a collection of short stories I’ve written for the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge, 2012.

While you can currently (and through the end of the year) view the posts I wrote directly for the challenge online, I will be spending the next couple weeks sorting through each story, editing and expanding (or replacing) them as necessary so I can gather them up and plop them into a collection suitable for consumption on your favorite e-reading device.

I have to say, this A to Z Challenge was amazingly fun to participate in. I was successfully writing quickly enough to stay on goal for the entire 26 days, which is a pace I usually reserve for November.

Stay tuned – I’ll hopefully have the collection up before the end of May, ready to focus my energy on the June Camp NaNoWriMo session where I intend to churn out another novel-length story to also publish this year.

Did I say I was going to be busy? Why yes, yes I will be.

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